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The more we learn when we ask the Question "How To" ?? I thought i will dedicate a How to zone in my blog :) If you have any Questions or comments please inbox me !!
  • How to peel ginger ?
    Do you hate to peel ginger?? There is always an easier way !!

    If you are using small knife or peeler to peel skin off, then you are troubling yourself. You just need a spoon and should know how to scoop. Check the below link for detailed explanation. 
  • How to store cilantro/coriander leaves fresh ??
    Are you tired of storing the cilantro fresh all week long? Here is an idea !!
    After buying coriander leaf immediately cover them in a clean paper towel or some paper and put them in refrigerator. 
    Cilantro covered with paper towel
    Cilantro after a week of purchase
     Don't wash and keep them inside the fridge it will spoil the leaf. Whenever required open cut few strands and cover it again. by this way you can store this up to 10 - 15 days.
  • Another way is to put the cilantro in a jar filled with water that will keep them fresh too. I prefer this way. If you prefer to keep them in jar, try to change water every other day and 3 days once cut a little bit of stem from the bottom. This way it will stay fresh even for 2 weeks long 
  • How to use soured milk?
    If you ever experience a condition at home where you have milk which becomes sour or exceeds the 'Best Before' Dates. Don't throw it right away. There are so many ways you can use the soured milk.
  1. Make Homemade paneer (Indian Cottage cheese)
  2. Make Rasagulla or Rasmalai :)
  3. It can used as a substitute to any dish where buttermilk is asked for.
  4. Make Custard Pudding 
  5. Actually Eggetarians can make Mayonnaise sauce out of it.

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