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HomeMade Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)

As i mentioned in How to Zone , I made this Paneer with soured milk. I just have heart to throw away the soured milk. It was worth saving the expired milk :) The paneer / Indian cottage cheese came out super soft and simply delicious. All you need to make this paneer is a lemon, cheese cloth, of course milk and patience :) Yes you heard me !!! That line is for people like me :) The very first time i made cheese and i could not resist my self during the waiting time, the paneer was not set :( but it was soft and brittle so i made paneer burji out of it. As the old saying says 'when a door closes another door opens' :P So from then onwards i wait to get my perfect moist softest paneer :)

To make home made paneer is safe and healthier option too.

Cooking time: 30 mins
waiting time: 2 - 3 hrs
Serves: 100 - 120 gm (I guess :P)

  • Milk - 1 liter / 4 cups
  • lemon / lime - 1 or vinegar - 1 tbsp

To seperate Paneer and Whey:
bring the milk to boil, once its raises its level simmer the stove to medium heat and add half lemon juice and keep stirring in the same direction. In a few minutes the milk will start curdling.
Now add rest of the lemon juice and keep stirring in the same direction, do not let the bottom burn. The milk will curdle more now and the paneer will slowly start to separate from the whey. Add a tbsp of lemon juice if required and keep stirring until the whey and paneer and totally separated and the whey looks nice green color.
It would take about 15 - 20 mins after the milk is boiled.


Place a large bowl on a flat surface and on top of that place a strainer covered with cheese cloth or thin muslin cloth. THen carefully pour the curdled milk on the cheese cloth and strain the whey from paneer. Show it under running cold water for a minute so that the sour taste of lemon / vinegar will be gone.
now cover the cheese cloth and hold them on top so that the rest of the whey will be squeezed out. Just hold for a minute.
I tried to capture the image with single hand .. sorry for poor clarity.

After holding for a minute, fold the cheese cloth with paneer inside on the desired shape and pace it on a vessel with holes or a large strainer, and place weight on top of the paneer.
In my scenario I din have a flat surface weight, so I placed a small plate on top of the covered paneer and on top of the plate goes a small wok filled with water and on top of it a mortor and pestle stone :) Phewwww !!!!!

Now leave it alone for 2 - 3 hrs.

TADAAA !! after few hours perfect paneer is ready. You can store them in refrigerator upto 2 days in a air tight container. To store for longer period shallow fry them and put them in a zip lock bag, which is more like ready to use. :)

Paneer Makhani tastes super good with fresh paneer.

  1. I like the taste of paneer when made with lemon juice, But if you prefer to add vinegar add slowly and do not add too much
  2. Some recipes even uses curd to help curdle milk. I have not tried it personally.
  3. It is very important that the milk should be boiled and should raise its level before adding the lemon juice
  4. Keep stirring the milk in the same direction
Enjoy and Happy COoking !! :)

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