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How to Seed Pomegranate

Did you know there is an easy way to seed the pomegranate without making a mess around and without spilling the juice.

When i was young  pomegranate was one of my favorite fruits but then i hate to seed it and I always wished for an easy way to do it. Later in a fruit juice shop i saw a man seeding the pomegranate using a ladle. He simply cuts the pomegranate into half and holds it skinned side up and using a ladle hits it on the top so that all the seeds would fall down. I was using that technique to seed the pomegranate all these while until i found this simplest and the cleanest way to do it. Thank Google :)


  • Cut the Pomegranate into half.

  • Soak it in the water for 5 mins 

  •  Then start peeling inside the water. For the photo i got the pomegranate to the top. Do it inside the water.

  •  Once done you will see the seeds settled down in the bottom and the skins on the top, this way you can easily filter out the waste. Even if any seeds are attached to the skin it will float on the top you can easily find out and remove. 

  • This way you juice wont be spilled on the floor, you hand will not become a mess and seeding is very simple :)

Hope this is helpful. Try this and let me know if this was easier :)

Enjoy and Happy Seeding !!

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  1. Don't have any pomegranates yet this season but am definitely going to try!


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