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Ready to mix energy drink (Almond Saffron)

I love the store bought ready to mix almond drink mix, but it has too much added sugar so i always prefer making this at home. Its very easy to make even without having a instant mix, soak the nuts for few minutes in milk and blend it to a paste.

But during lazy night or after cleaning the kitchen sink or when the unexpected guest arrive no one wants to do all that soaking and blending work right. Its nice to have it handy in the pantry.

This is so much better for kids than to give then store bought energy drink.

Preparation time: 5 mins
waiting /soaking time : 10 mins
Making time : 5 mins


Almonds - 1 cup
Cashew - 1/4 cup
Cardamom (elachi) - 4 pods
Sugar - 3 tbsp (to taste)
Saffron (Kesar) - 1 generous pinch


In a bowl soak almonds in boiled  hot water for 10 mins.

Meanwhile take elachi seeds from the pod and crush it to powder using mortar and pestal. After 10 mins peel the almonds skins off and dry roast all the nuts in a pan for few mins in medium flame. Dry roasting will help the nuts to grind to fine powder

Let it sit on the counter until it comes to room temperature and grind all the ingredients to a fine powder.

Enjoy it hot or cold !

3 Reviews:

  1. Wow, it is just amazing post!! I have never used almonds and cashews in this way in my Green energy drinks. Thank you so much for this idea dear. I would love to try this to add extra nutrients to my morning smoothies.

    1. Thanks. Hope you tried this for your morning smoothies. I am sure it tasted delicious.

  2. Wow, nice information for more almond


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